European Sports Law

European law is now an essential consideration in the regulation of sport and commercialisation of sports media rights.  The European Union is becoming increasingly influential in the regulation of international sports and frequently organises meetings with international federations to discuss issues of mutual concern.

Benoît Keane has extensive experience in European sports law. He advises sports organisations on both their regulatory activities and commercial activities to ensure that they are in line with European law and competition law.  He regularly represents sports organisations before the European institutions and in cases concerning European sports law matters.  He has been involved in some of the most significant European sports law cases in recent years.

Benoît Keane writes and speaks regularly on European sports law.  He is the lead contributor for the European law section of Sports Law Administration and Practice.

Sports Commercial Activities
Advises on the application of European competition law to the commercialisation of media rights including:
– Collective sale of media rights
– Tendering of licensing rights
– Appointment of approved suppliers
– State subsidy of sporting activities

Sports Regulatory Activities
Advises sports organisations on how to structure sports regulations to comply with European law:
– Transfer and player release rules
– Anti-doping disciplinary regulations
– Financial control regulations
– Disciplinary sanctions in competitions
– Local player training

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