European Media Law

European media law is of increasing importance to creative industries, broadcasters and internet organisations.  European media law concerns such issues as the exploitation of content across the EU, copyright protection, collective management of copyright, advertising, data protection, protection of minors and news access.  EU audiovisual legislation, the rules on free movement of services and competition law are all having a profound impact upon these issues and the development of the European Union’s digital economy.

Benoît Keane has extensive experience in advising on European media law.  He has acted in some of the most significant European law cases to affect the media sector in recent years including the recent Murphy / QC Leisure case which concerned the use of foreign broadcasts of FA Premier League matches in pubs and the exploitation of media rights on a territorial basis.  He has particular expertise on the application of EU competition and free movement rules to the broadcast sector.

Benoît represents creative industries and media organisations before the European Commission and European Court of Justice.  He also advises on the development of European legislation of concern to the media sector.


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