European Law

European law affects all aspects of life and commercial enterprise in the European Union.  It provides for the functioning of the internal market, the protection of the environment and, increasingly, the protection of EU citizens.

The European treaties guarantee EU citizens and businesses the right to move and trade freely across the twenty-seven Member States of the European Union.  The EU internal market is founded on the fundamental freedoms of movement of persons, services, goods and capital.  These freedoms are elaborated upon in considerable detail in European directives and regulations.

Benoît Keane is an experienced European lawyer.  He advises companies on the application of the EU internal market rules to their commercial activities.  He ensures that companies are able to access new markets.  He assists professional bodies with the application of their regulations to free movement rules concerning services and persons.  He also represents parties in proceedings brought by the European Commission concerning the functioning of the EU internal market.

EU legislation can have a profound impact upon a sector.  Benoît advises on EU legislative proposals from the initial proposal through to final adoption.  He guides organisations through the EU legislative procedure and assists with representations to the EU institutions.

Benoît Keane also represents parties seeking to uphold their EU constitutional rights vis-à-vis the EU institutions or the implementation of EU laws by Member States (e.g. environmental or market access commitments).  He advises on European criminal law measures and the application of fundamental rights to such measures.  He maintains a keen interest in the development of European constitutional law and has presented extensively on this subject.


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