Competition Law

Competition law is a cornerstone of European law as it prevents artificial barriers to trade between the EU Member States.  Competition law strictly prohibits cartel behaviour and market abuse by companies in a dominant position.  It also regulates all aspects of commercial conduct including distribution agreements, co-operation agreements and technology licensing.

The European Commission and national competition authorities have wide-ranging powers of investigation.  The competition authorities can impose fines of up to 10% of annual turnover for the most serious infringements.  Courts can also declare agreements to be unenforceable and award damages for infringements of competition law.  For this reason, competition law compliance is a vital part of a successful commercial strategy.

Benoît Keane is a specialist in European competition law.  He provides strategic and practical advice on all aspects of competition law including commercial and licensing agreements, restrictive practices and market dominance. He also advises on the granting of public subsidies in line with the competition rules on State aid.

Benoît represents parties in competition investigations conducted by the European competition authorities.  He has successfully defended clients from antitrust complaints submitted to the European Commission.


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