2014 February

European Commission investigates Pay-TV film agreements

The European Commission has announced that it is conducting an investigation into licensing agreements between major film studios and Pay-TV broadcasters.  The Commission will in particular investigate whether the licensing conditions prevent broadcasters from providing their services across European borders, for example by refusing potential subscribers from other Member States or blocking cross-border access to their services.


European Court: Hyperlink to another website does not infringe EU copyright law if it does not override restrictions on access

The European Court of Justice has ruled that clickable hyperlinks to a protected work on another website does not infringe EU copyright law so long as all internet users have free access to the work. By contrast, any clickable links which circumvent restrictions on access will infringe EU copyright law by enabling a new public to access protected works.  While paywalls fall clearly within the scope of this limitation, websites that limit access to subscribers may also be protected even if there is no payment involved.


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