2012 October

KEANE LEGAL featured in UCC Magazine

KEANE LEGAL has been featured in University College Cork’s Graduate Magazine 2012.  The article highlighted a number of former UCC graduates who are taking an independent approach to business.  The article highlights the novel approach taken by KEANE LEGAL as a boutique European law practice.   The section of the article dealing with KEANE LEGAL is below.


European Court of Justice upholds enforcement of sports data rights

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the rights-holder of sports data protected by database rights can enforce their rights in the “intended target” country where the sports data is received on the internet regardless of where the server using those rights is located.  The ECJ ruled that a company which repackages the sports data can, therefore, be deemed to be making the data “available to the public” by sending it on to internet betting websites.  The ruling is important for sports data owners as it prevents unauthorised users of sports data from avoiding liability by locating servers in countries where there is little prospect of enforcement.


EU tells WADA to improve protection of fundamental rights in draft Anti-Doping Code


The European Union has published its second contribution to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s revised draft of the World Anti-Doping Code.  The EU is still unsatisfied with aspects of the draft Code that the EU considers would not conform to EU fundamental rights and/or professional sportspersons’ right to freedom of movement within the European Union if adopted.


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