2012 May

Benoît Keane speaks at C5 Sports Law Conference in London


Benoît Keane spoke at the C5 Sports Law Conference with a panel of leading sports lawyers consisting of Adam Lewis QC and Simon Cliff (General Counsel of Manchester City) on the factors that sports organisations should take into account when bringing disciplinary proceedings.  Benoît spoke about the need to ensure that disciplinary rules and sanctions are in line with European law and described how sports organisations can achieve this.  The presentations of the panel speakers were followed by a lively discussion on balancing the need for an effective disciplinary process with commercial considerations.   A pdf copy of Benoît’s presentation is available on C5’s website or upon written request from KEANE LEGAL.


European General Court clarifies treatment of competition law complaints relating to sports in series of cases

The European General Court has clarified the treatment of competition law and EU law complaints concerning sports issues in three recent orders.  These cases are (i) Juventus Supporters; (ii) F91 Diddeleng; and (iii) Canas.  Although involving different parties and different issues, the three cases share a number of common themes which will be important for future sports cases.  The orders demonstrate that the General Court has endorsed the approach of the European Commission that it should only be concerned by sports cases of EU-wide interest and should not become a forum for sports law disputes.

Benoît Keane successfully represented parties concerned by two of the cases (the F91 Diddeleng and Juventus Supporters cases).

These cases are available (only in French) on the European Court of Justice’s website: by keying in the case reference numbers.


European Commission and UEFA issue joint statement on financial fair play

On 21 March, the Vice-President of the European Commission, Jaoquín Almunia, and UEFA President Michel Platini issued a Joint Statement and exchanged letters concerning UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.  In the Joint Statement, the Commissioner, who is responsible for enforcing European competition policy, endorsed the FFP regulations and noted the convergence between the “break even” objectives of the FFP regulations and the European Union’s State aid rules.  This endorsement has been described by UEFA as a “milestone” and provides a large degree of legal certainty for the application of the FFP regulations under European law.

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Analysis: Article by Benoît Keane in Sports Law Administration & Practice 2/2012

KEANE LEGAL launches website

KEANE LEGAL has launched its new website.  Benoît Keane who runs the practice has been working in Brussels as a European lawyer since 2003.  He worked for a number of leading international law firms before setting up his own practice.  In particular, he has been involved in some of the leading cases on European sports law and European media law.

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